Holistic Living is a way of bringing awareness and refinement to our daily living habits and mental conditioning so as to influence our physical, emotional and mental states towards grounded vibrant, equanimity and joy.  

As an educator and coach of Holistic Living, I work with 3 main areas:      

1. Nutrition & Digestive Health

2. Yoga, Exercise

3. Meditation & Contemplative Practices

A few key influential factors within these areas are:  

  • Food quality, nutritional value, food combining for optimal digestion       
  • Healthy digestive system (ability to assimilate, eliminate food)
  • Exercise                                                                                        
  • Resting the senses             
  • Choice of sensorial input including day to day surroundings                                             
  • Emotional regulation               
  • The company we keep (inside i.e., thoughts and outside i.e., people/community)  

I’ve been successful in helping clients of all ages, with a variety of conditions such as:

  • anxiety  
  • despair
  • mental restlessness
  • insomnia 
  • low energy
  • physical pain, stiffness or discomfort
  • depression
  • ADHD 
  • addiction 
  • longing for a deeper connection, experience of the inner Self 

My work is informed by more than 20 years of studying, applying and living the principles of indigenous wisdom traditions in particular Yoga and Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga). I also reference the most current research and findings of the most respected Western medical institutions, journals and doctors with leanings towards holistic approaches. I have been successful in aiding clients with acute insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, physical disabilities, addiction and more.

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A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession -  Hippocrates