Movement or exercise is of vital importance in our modern day culture. Particularly for those that spend long hours driving or seated. In the long run, the body can become habituated to awkward posturing and stiffened in unnatural, painful ways. When we are moving the body, the natural pull towards habitual thinking patterns that cause stress are temporarily abated. Often times, this temporary redirecting of mental patterns serves as a meditation of sorts, that can even encourage the natural arising of creative ideas. Finally, moving the body is a must for those prone to anxiety, depression and acute stress. 

Exercising should be a challenging yet enjoyable experience. When we find the right approach (or start with small steps if we’re not accustomed to exercise) we eventually look forward to it rather than dread it.  Whether you move by walking or practicing yoga - consistency is more important than prolonged periods with less frequency.  

walking is mans best medicine  Hippocrates 

Yoga can be practiced by everyone regardless of physical conditions or temporary limitations. When yoga is practiced with awareness of postural alignment, consideration for injury or other health conditions - it can be practiced in a way that is both enjoyable and beneficial.

The practice of yoga, always avails us of a new level of (Self) discovery, ultimately of the most satisfying kind. I have witnessed the spontaneous expression of AWE and deep wonderment in young adults and adults encumbered with PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, depression and those undergoing physical therapy for injuries. 

Accessing deeper levels of refinement of the body, mind and soul is one of the most utterly satisfying experiences. This is what the philosophy of yoga tells us - the experience of spontaneous joy, awe, serenity are available to us at all times, independent of inner or outer conditions. The practices of yoga unleash this experience - and we are often left marveling at the momentary intoxication of delight that arises from within; our senses are renewed to perceive ourselves and our environment in a brand new way. This experience can arise anew every time.

Some benefits of yoga are improved: energy, vitality, respiration, cardio and circulatory health; increased muscle stregnth, tone and flexibility; weight reduction; greater body awareness lending to stability, grounding and balance. 

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