Inspired by Ayurveda - the sister science of Yoga.

Ayurveda (like modern day Functional Medicine) approaches disease by identifying and addressing the root       cause and not just the symptom of any compromising health condition. While extreme conditions are treated with holistic herbs, an equally significant part of the return to homeostasis/ health, is working with food, digestion, the colon, and external factors.  

Food, customized to the individual. 

I LOVE food. Back in my meat eating days, I loved dark meat, organ meats and steak tartar. Today and for the past    19 years I’ve been vegetarian - because it serves me. I don’t believe one nutritional approach is suitable for everyone. We are all unique in our bio-chemical make up influenced by multiple factors including our cultural heritage and health condition. I do believe however, that there are number of basic foundational principles   around food that benefit us all regardless of our unique constitution and needs. While I guide clients towards optimal choices - ultimately, your body and personal experience, is the best lab to test and know, what is most suitable for you.

Food should be enjoyable to the palate and senses. The aim should be to replace health compromising habits with life enhancing ones, rather than restriction or deprivation. Be aware however, if your current diet is saturated with excess sodium, (poor quality) sugars or spices (most restaurant food), your tongue may be coated with this excess residue (a sign of potentially compromised digestive system) which will alter the true taste of food and even water. 

Food Choices and Combining

I work with foods within the various categories of the food chain, that influence inflammation, the brain, emotions, central nervous system, cognition and digestion. Food combining - is particularly influential in aiding proper assimilation and digestion.

Motivation and Sustainability

Eating is an enormous part of our daily sensorial experience. Food should taste and make you feel good. I believe in taking small, simple steps towards change. When we can clearly feel the effects that our eating habits have on us (physical comfort, alertness, contentment, sound sleep, etc) motivation and excitement becomes a natural part of moving in a new sustainable manner that serves us.  

Working Together

Your success is my success - but more than success, I derive great joy and fulfillment when I witness my clients enthusiasm and joy - upon discovering themselves anew - physically, energetically and emotionally.

In our work together, my intention is to support your experience of approximating your goal, in an enjoyable and sustainable way that has you eagerly anticipating the next level of evolution towards optimal wellness.  

There are a variety of ways we might work

  • individual or group learning, coaching   
  • working with one category (food, yoga or meditation) or all three. 

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the doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs,                                                                     but rather will cure and treat disease with nutrition  Thomas Edison

Why food choices matter

We are what we eat. 

From food we derive the building blocks that give us life force or energy, build muscle, tissue, fire up neurons in the brain which affect our mental-emotional states, nerves, cognitive performance and more.  

The compromise of poor choices, (or absence of foods we need) to our physical, mental, emotional well being  

From food we can also derive ingredients that create a toxic, hostile inner environment of inflammation and acidity- the breading ground for most of todays leading life threatening diseases and mental conditions: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, ADHD, Alzheimer's, depression, obesity and more. 

Food Supply Today

Industrialization and advancement in technology have dramatically compromised the quality of our food and farming soil. Many prepared meals and packaged food items are over processed, made with refined grains and sugars, food additives, artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, unhealthy fats and excess sodium. Food manufacturers are constantly introducing new chemical ingredients, over-processing pure ingredients, watering down pure ingredients with lower grade - health compromising ones. This basically translates to the most cost effective, profit margin enhancing products (big win for food manufacturers) while offering nutrient deficient, chemical laden, often addicting foods which are leading contributors to most of the 21st century’s life threatening diseases including the obesity and mental health.


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